Farm Animals

During your stay at our holiday cottage in Sussex enjoy visiting our beautiful donkeys, who came to us from the Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary. Oreo has the striped legs and Bailey loves to bray (eeyore) loudly in the mornings to greet us! They both enjoy nothing more than to be fussed over and fed a ginger biscuit, which is their favourite treat.

Our friendly rare breed Oxford sandy and black pigs, which are known for their gentle temperaments can be seen lying out in the sunshine or rooting through the soil.

Enjoy visiting our free range chickens, turkeys, geese and resident ducks.Our free range hens keep us with a plentiful supply of free range eggs, which can be purchased at our Sussex campsite, so you can enjoy fresh eggs for breakfast as part of your stay at our holiday cottage in Chiddingly, Sussex.

Meet our herd of Pygmy goats with their adorable kids and watch our pedigree flock of Lleyn sheep grazing across the farm.

The farm is open every morning from 9.00- 11.00 am and there is no additional charge to visit the animals.


Health and safety while visiting the farm animals

Please always remember to wash your hands after any contact with the animals and before leaving the animal contact area.

We take our health and safety obligations very seriously and ask that you do too. Thorough hand washing with soap and water is recommended as the only effective way of reducing the risk of infections such as E coli and crypto sporidium. If you have any questions please contact us.